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Wayside Farm specializes in the treatment and stabilization of those suffering from mental illness.  By focusing on consistent nursing care in a safe, structured environment we can support the potential of each resident.

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Matthew Pool

Matthew Pool

President/ Administrator


Wayside is very fun. I like being here because there is always something to do. We love one another. We do karaoke in the courtyard. They feed us good meals. The nurses are nice to us. I would recommend Wayside to others.

Current Wayside Farm Resident B

I like Wayside Farm. I like pretty much everything about Wayside. They feed us well. The staff is good with people. What I like the most that is it peaceful here. I like being allowed to smoke outside everyday.

Current Wayside Farm Resident A

One year ago, this resident could not walk, was only crawling on the floor, made noises continually, and had chronic, infected leg sores. It took her 20 minutes to walk 500 feet to a car, and she could not get into the car or adjust the seatbelt without help. She was, basically, a person without physical control. She had back and leg pain, misused prescription drugs, and had to use a bathroom every fifteen minutes.

Today, when her niece picked her up, this resident walked to the car, got in herself, and buckled the seat belt without a problem. She never once complained about pain, never once perseverated about leaving Wayside, never once complained about staff. Her niece describes this resident as a “new person” from whom they knew and credits Wayside with her progress. She feels it is “miraculous.”

With everything Waysider have experienced in the past 16 months, I feel it is so important that you hear a “success” story from a family member! Of course, it may all change tomorrow with this resident, but, for this email, it is GOOD!


- Judy Joyce, Legal Guardian

Wayside is very fun, I like being here because there is always something to do, We love one another, We do karaoke in the courtyard, and they feed us good meals. The nurses are nice to us. I would recommend Wayside to others.

- Current Wayside Farm Resident B 

I had the privilege of being a guardian for a resident at Wayside Farm for 4 years. I cannot say enough about the excellent care that was provided to him during those 4 years.

When you enter the door, the receptionist greets you with a smile and is always willing to answer questions. The administrator has an open-door policy and is available 24/7 for questions or concerns. The activities director always has fun activities planned that the residents look forward to and enjoy. The social worker advocates for resident needs and is a liaison between the facility and family/guardians. Every employee treats your loved one like they are “family”. You can see genuine care in the way they speak to and care for the residents.

During the pandemic the staff at Wayside facilitated visits/communication by whatever means were available between the residents and their family/guardians. This meant so much to both the resident and I that we were able to stay in contact and that staff at Wayside was as flexible as possible during such a challenging time.

Recently the residents health began to decline. During his decline and passing, the staff at Wayside went above and beyond in caring for him and me. Physically he received TLC from the hands on care givers. For me, staff reached out with memories that they had of him and asked me how I was doing. That means so much when you are dealing with loss.

Wayside Farm may not have a new building or fancy amenities but the love and care that they provide means so much more that those physical things.

- Delores Hall